• Perfection in window construction
  • Window profiles with architectural demands
  • Insulating glass units – choose from 4 colors
  • High quality flat glass production
  • Der SonnenLicht Manager
  • Schüco
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We believe that the activity of any company is justified only when all its resources and aspirations are aimed at making people's lives better. We are convinced that modern windows should be accessible to anyone. Doing our business carefully, meticulously and without unnecessary expenses, we provide customers with high-quality plastic windows at affordable prices. We are constantly improving, reducing customer costs and their  losses, considering it important to protect a customer from unnecessary costs to create a cozy and comfortable microclimate. Every window produced — from the simplest to the most exquisite — should be followed by a decent service. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed by the personal responsibility of employees, their commitment and professionalism.